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Moving into a senior care community can be a massive step for you and your family, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Respite Care program was designed to give residents a temporary place to stay where they can access 24/7 care and all of our fabulous amenities for any stay of 30 days!

Whether you need a safe place to recover from an injury or illness or want to give community living a try before you commit to a permanent spot, there’s a place for you at All American Assisted Living at Raynham.

Even as a temporary resident, you’ll have the same access to everything our community has to offer. You’ll get to enjoy a thoughtfully designed apartment-style suite, 3 nutritious home-style meals a day, and 24/7 available care for the duration of your stay.

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What Does Respite Care Include?

We understand that lots of people may need to find temporary support for one reason or another. We designed our Respite Care program so everyone can get the care they need, even for as little as 30 days.

Most individuals join our Respite Care program for 1 of 3 reasons:

Everyone needs a break sometimes. Whether your regular caregiver has fallen ill, needs to take a sudden trip, or any other reason preventing them from caring for you, we’re happy to step in.

Our highly trained, compassionate staff work diligently to ensure all of your needs are met. Plus, spending some time with us can help alleviate caregiver burnout so your regular caregiver can continue to provide you with the support you need.

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness and need significant support to recover, we’re here to help. Our Respite Care program allows you to relax comfortably, knowing you have 24/7 access to any care you may need.

We’ll aim to help you have a speedy, efficient recovery. Our staff will assist you with any daily activities, like dressing, dining, or using the restroom, so you can focus on feeling better.

We want to make sure you feel confident about deciding to move to community living. Our Respite Care program gives you the option to try out everything we have to offer before making a permanent decision.

We aim to make you feel right at home when you’re with us at Raynham, so if you decide to come back, the process is as comfortable and natural as possible. However, there is zero obligation for you to return after spending some time in our Respite Care program—although many enjoy their stay so much they end up moving in! Our main goal is to give you the care you need to continue to live life at your own pace.

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If you’re interested in checking out everything we have to offer, we’d love to show you around! Find us just off Broadway and Blue Star Memorial Highway, adjacent to Trucchi’s Supermarkets Distribution Center.


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