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Home Safety Assessment Checklist

Home is where you should feel the safest, regardless of your age. All homes eventually need some upgrading to stay safe throughout our lives. Simply put, falling doesn’t have to be a part of getting older. Whether you’re moving somewhere new or looking to improve your current home, we’ve got a handy checklist to make […]

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Senior Living & COVID-19 FAQs

In the past few months alone, there’s been lots of promising progress in making our way toward a new post-pandemic normal. At the same time, you may still have questions about how COVID-19 affects older adults and residents of assisted living facilities. Here are our answers to many of those frequently asked questions about seniors […]

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When Should You Finalize Your Will?

Knowing when to finalize your will can be a difficult but incredibly important process. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to drafting and finalizing your will.  Getting Started  A will allows you to distribute property and assets to whomever you wish or to dispose of these things in the manner you choose. […]

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How to Talk to Someone with Dementia

Communicating with an individual who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s can be challenging. As the illness progresses, communication becomes increasingly difficult as they struggle to remember ideas, articulate their thoughts, and manage their emotions.  Despite these struggles, it’s incredibly important to continue to communicate with these individuals, as those relationships help promote better self-esteem, sense […]

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Preventing Caregiver Fatigue

Our parents cared for us for years throughout our childhood—preparing our meals, cleaning our homes, and doing our laundry. However, when the time comes that they need us to do the same in return, it can be a challenge to balance it with our typical lifestyles. It’s no surprise then, that 40% of caregivers are […]

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