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The Difference Between Assisted and Independent Living

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The time has come and you’re deciding which option, either assisted or independent living, is right for you or for a loved one. The main differences between the two is the amount of care offered, the living spaces provided, and the cost required. Finding a home with the care you, or a loved one, needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Kaplan Development Group, we offer you a life free from worries!

Read more to see which option is best for your situation:

What is Assisted Living?

This type of living environment provides seniors with help in completing daily tasks such as laundry, meal preparation, and medication reminders. These facilities have caregivers dedicated to providing around the clock assistance to those who need it. Many residents living in these homes are still able to live independently, but require some guidance in their daily lives. They still participate in recreational activities and engage with other residents, but are unable to care for themselves entirely on their own. This type of living offers a lot of one-on-one time, but does not offer as much privacy and independence. Assisted living is perfect for residents who have extensive medical issues, cognitive impairment, or need assistance daily to ensure that they are healthy and comfortable.

What is Independent Living? 

Independent living is ideal for seniors who can still live on their own but would like to access assistance whenever needed. Most independent living communities provide their residents with the convenience of dining-in, medical care, light housekeeping, and more. This type of living provides seniors the opportunity to live in a safe environment where they can engage with individuals who have similar lifestyles. Independent living is ideal for residents who require minimal assistance but could benefit from extra care at times. 

How to Choose Between Assisted and Independent Living

As you begin to assess the most appropriate form of care that you or a loved one needs, be sure that you take into account their daily routine and lifestyle. Some individuals may decide that relocating is a better option, as their home has become a burden to upkeep on a fixed income. In these cases, when you are still able to live on your own, you may want to consider independent living. As your needs change, you have the ability to progress into assisted living. In other cases, though, where illness or disability are the contributing factors affecting your living situation, assisted living may be the best option when living alone is no longer possible.

Whether you’re looking for assisted or independent living, we want you to find your home sweet home with us! At Kaplan Development Group, it is our mission to provide the finest quality senior living with an emphasis on the important family values of compassion, integrity, and respect. To find out more about the services we offer, visit our website or call us at (516)-496-1505.

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